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About Us

Our Story

Luxoni is a niche, modern, British made fragrance brand based in London – with each of our blends made in small exclusive batches.

Born from the Founders love of how scent can take you back to any place or memory, Luxoni is inspired by how an experience is always exclusive to an individual.

Every scent in the collection represents different places within the world, and how we experience them subjectively. 

Small Batch Production

Revolutionising the fragrance industry, we challenge the status quo of mass production, dedicated to combating overconsumption.

All of our fragrances are meticulously crafted in small batches, collaborating with dedicated craft perfumers and chemists. We prioritise quality over quantity, and every fragrance we create is formulated with upmost care.

A Modern Approach

As we embrace the inherent subjectivity of life and celebrate our diverse experiences, all of our products are meticulously crafted to be unisex, with their definition shaped entirely by you—our valued customers.

Our fragrance blends feature modern scent profiles with exceptionally complex notes, offering unique olfactory experiences.

We break traditional fragrance rules with contemporary innovation.

Try Before You Open

We take the risk out of buying fragrance online.

All full-size fragrance orders receive a complimentary 2ml sample, allowing you to trial your scent before you open your full-size product.