4 Juice Recipes for Clear Skin


24 MAY 2022

Juicing can be one of the most effective ways to detox your body, clear up your skin, and improve your overall health.


If you’re new to juicing, it can feel intimidating. How many vegetables and fruits should you use? Which ingredients work best together? Is there anything you should avoid? This list of juice recipes will get you started on the right foot.


For each recipe, simply combine the ingredients in your blender or blender bottle, and blend until smooth before drinking.

Apple Ginger Fennel Juice 


1 x Apple 

1 x Cup of sliced Fennel Bulb

1 x Cup of Water 

2 Tbsp x peeled fresh Ginger 


This refreshing smoothie is a natural and effective way to relieve skin problems and support clear skin.


Apple has both high levels of vitamin C and malic acid, which help calm inflammation, repair damaged cells, and encourage healthy new cell production.


Ginger helps reduce water retention to minimise puffiness; fennel soothes skin and reduces inflammation and redness from breakouts.


Ruby Red Cleansing Tonic


1 x Grapefruit

1 x Cucumber 

1 x Beetroot 

1 x Cup of Apple Juice 


This is a simple juice that requires just a few fruits and vegetables to get a cleansing that will make your skin look spectacular. Take one grapefruit, one cucumber, one beetroot, apple juice and then blend them together.


This is a powerful antioxidant that does wonders for cleansing your skin. It neutralises toxins and makes them water-soluble so that you can flush them out when you go to the bathroom.


Plus, the ruby red cleansing tonic tastes pretty good. That always makes it far more palatable to use.


Blackberries, Blueberries and Pears


½ x Cup of Frozen Blackberries, Blueberries & Pears 

Splash of Water 


Place half a cup of frozen blackberries, blueberries and pears in a blender with a splash of water. Blend until completely smooth, then pour into a glass and drink immediately. 


This juice contains antioxidants that can help protect your skin from sun damage and protect your DNA.


The sugar in these fruits also promotes collagen production, which can make skin appear more youthful over time. 


Orange Cranberry Cleanser


250ml x Unsweetened Cranberry Juice

250ml x Fresh Orange Juice

1 x Scoop Protein Powder (optional)

(Sweeten with honey to taste)


Blend all these ingredients until smooth. Sweeten with honey to taste and serve over ice. 


This recipe is packed with vitamin C, which can help your body fight off free radicals that cause premature ageing.


Vitamin C also helps support collagen production—and healthy skin is supported by a healthy amount of collagen.


Add some spinach or kale to make it even healthier.